In January 2009 we spent a few days in Orlando. The eyes of America were on Washington to witness the inauguration of the first African American president.  But my wife and I went to Orlando [??? We had some free rooms through some promotion … How quirky – this historic day was our mini-vacation day in Orlando.]

We watched the Inauguration near the downtown Orlando library.  The local TV station had set up jumbo screens.  It was almost as cold there as in Washington – we were bundled, drinking warm stuff, and cheering with the others gathered. Many of them had come to Orlando, Florida, for warm sun and Disney make belief. My spouse, Barbara, was so cold she had to slip into the bathroom and add some layers of clothing.

In downtown Orlando we no longer had to wait for a cold day in hell  to see America’s first Black president. But it was a cold day in a city that is typically hot.

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