From Center for Contemplation and Action
Excerpt from Meditation for July 29th, 2018

Metaphor is the only possible language available to religion because it alone is honest about Mystery. The underlying messages that different religions and denominations use are often in strong agreement, but they use different metaphors to communicate their own experience of union with God. Jesus says, for example, “There are other sheep I have that are not of this fold, and these I have to lead as well. They too listen to my voice” (John 10:16a) …
We must never be too tied to our own metaphors as the only possible way to speak the truth. Rather, we must approach all metaphors and symbols humbly and respectfully, keeping all the inner spaces of mind, heart, and body open at the same time.

Wake up!

From Center for Contemplation and Action
July 31, 2018

Education as it is currently understood, particularly in the West, ignores the human soul, or essential Self.
This essential Self is not some vague entity whose existence is a matter of speculation, but our fundamental “I,” which has been covered over by social conditioning and by the superficiality of our rational mind.
In North America we are in great need of a form of training that would contribute to the awakening of the essential Self.

A Sacred Spectrum

From Center for Contemplation and Action
August 1, 2018

Everything is a facet of the one thing.
Think in terms of white light shining through a prism to reveal the full spectrum of color perceivable by the human eye: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, andviolet. Each of these colors is part of the original whole and cannot be separated from it—turn off the light source and the colors disappear.
Now apply this metaphor to the world around and within you. Everything you see, think, feel, and imagine is part of and never apart from the same Source.

Go get a mirror

From August 28, 2018 Meditation – Center for Contemplation and Action

“The ability to think critically about ourselves is the first necessary step … toward full consciousness … Self-criticism is quite rare in the history of religion, yet it is necessary to keep religion from … arrogant self-assurance—usually called idolatry, which is the central and grounding “sin” of the Old Testament.”

Its not always well

From Meditation, Aug 29, 2018 – Center for Contemplation and Action

“The biblical tradition reveals that whenever the prophetic gift is lacking in any group or religion, such a group will very soon be self-serving, self-perpetuating, and self-promoting. Without prophetic criticism, all sense of mission and message is lost …
Prophets step in to disrupt the usual social consensus. When culture says, “How wonderful our group is!” prophets respond, “It’s just not entirely true!” So you see why the prophets are often killed.

Diminishing the Power of Powerlessness

From Center for Contemplation and Action, Sept 3, 2018

As long as Jesus’ followers were on the bottom and the edge of empire … Values like nonparticipation in war, simple living, inclusivity, and love of enemies could be more easily understood … their faith was untouched by empire, rationalization, and compromise.
When the Christian church became the established religion of the empire, it started reading the Gospel from the position of maintaining power and social order instead of experiencing the profound power of powerlessness that Jesus revealed. In a sense, Christianity almost became a different religion!

Knowing by Heart

From Center for Action and Contemplation, Sep 11, 2018

Perhaps much of the weakness of many Christian doctrines and dogmas is that we’ve tried to understand them with a logical or rational mind instead of through love, prayer, and participation itself. In the end, only lovers seem to know what is going on inside of God. To all others, God remains an impossible and distant secret, just like the galaxies.