Its not always well

From Meditation, Aug 29, 2018 – Center for Contemplation and Action

“The biblical tradition reveals that whenever the prophetic gift is lacking in any group or religion, such a group will very soon be self-serving, self-perpetuating, and self-promoting. Without prophetic criticism, all sense of mission and message is lost …
Prophets step in to disrupt the usual social consensus. When culture says, “How wonderful our group is!” prophets respond, “It’s just not entirely true!” So you see why the prophets are often killed.

Diminishing the Power of Powerlessness

From Center for Contemplation and Action, Sept 3, 2018

As long as Jesus’ followers were on the bottom and the edge of empire … Values like nonparticipation in war, simple living, inclusivity, and love of enemies could be more easily understood … their faith was untouched by empire, rationalization, and compromise.
When the Christian church became the established religion of the empire, it started reading the Gospel from the position of maintaining power and social order instead of experiencing the profound power of powerlessness that Jesus revealed. In a sense, Christianity almost became a different religion!

Knowing by Heart

From Center for Action and Contemplation, Sep 11, 2018

Perhaps much of the weakness of many Christian doctrines and dogmas is that we’ve tried to understand them with a logical or rational mind instead of through love, prayer, and participation itself. In the end, only lovers seem to know what is going on inside of God. To all others, God remains an impossible and distant secret, just like the galaxies.

“Sin” and Sin

From Center for Action and Contemplation, September 19, 2018

What we call sins are usually symptoms of sin. Sin is primarily living outside of union … It’s the loss of any inner experience of who you are in God. “Sins” often have more to do with ignorance than actual malice. Disconnected people may become malicious, but they did not start there. They began in union, and disunion became their experienced lie.


God’s Money

Mike Brennen

They live in societal banks, brassy but full of potential, contained in dull, green, dejected vaults, unrealized, not matured or measured, but still treasures, until one day these adolescent, reluctant children become Adolescent Reluctant Adults.

We try to fix them, but we are carpenters hammering at metal, bent nails bouncing of the wall, glittering sparks, dangerous and spiteful, because we use the wrong skills and the Wrong Tools.

As we hammer at their youth, incessantly banging, they, with defiance, divert from aging wisely. Their brass dulls to dejected green hues, which glitters little and is certainly not lively.

So sad, since these ones were meant to shine, not meant to get bold and brassy, then to age and die.  They are supposed to escape from a desperate permanent potential, and become that which God invented, a gem most valuable

But the thick brass will not give, the toughest kids will not live, except to bounce of thin walls, and circle narrow halls.

Until one day the carpenter puts down his ancient tools, and finds a slender thin key, an old way or a new way, which opens, instructs and refresh those minds. It is when the Teacher gets tough and tender, firm and kind, to uncover a new creation that gains value in God’s Time.